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Policy and Conditions

1. Light Auto Transports LLC is a registered and bonded broker with US Department of Transportation.

2. L.A.T will provide Customer with an estimated pick up and delivery dates. However, delays may occur due to weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, etc. L.A.T is not responsible for any losses occasioned by any kind of delays.

3. Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuations in car shipping market. If there are any changes to the original agreement, L.A.T will inform the client prior to assigning a carrier, for final confirmation. Customer agrees not to hold Light Auto Transport LLC responsible for rate change or any losses related.

4. Customer’s will be notified via email,phone call, and text as soon as Carrier has been assigned to pick up shipping order.

5. Customer agrees that Light Auto Transport LLC may provide Your contact information to the Carrier for further correspondents and scheduling of vehicle pick up.

6. Carrier will pick up and deliver the most legal and safest way possible.

7. Customer must prepare vehicle for transportation. Vehicles must be in good running condition unless noted at the time of listing. If the vehicle is inoperable or oversize without prior notification at the time of listing Carrier may refuse a pick up or charge an additional fee. Customer must pay all the extra charges.

8. Customer or their representative shall be present at the place of pick up and/or delivery. It is necessary for completing inspection form and signing The Bill of Lading.

9. Light Auto Transport LLC is not responsible for any auction or storage fees at pickup or delivery locations. If Customer is unable to accept delivery for any reason, the vehicle will be placed in storage. Customer agrees to pay all storage fees prior to pick up of the vehicle.

10. Customer and Carrier will carefully inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damage at the time of pick up. Damages must be noted in the proper place on the Bill of Lading. Customer will sign and receive a copy of the Bill of Lading.

11. Customer and Carrier will carefully inspect the vehicle for transportation damages at the time of delivery. Customer will sign and receive a final copy of the Bill of Lading.

12. Luggage and personal property must be confined in one suitcase or bag in trunk only, with no heavy articles, and not to exceed 100 lbs. unless otherwise is noted. Carrier will not be responsible for delivery of personal property.

13. Carrier accepts responsibility of vehicle after Customer signed inspection form.

14. Customer agrees that Light Auto Transport LLC is not liable for any property damage claims to Customer’s vehicle.

15. Carrier responsibility ends when the vehicle is delivered and Customer signs final inspection form.

16. If Customer’s vehicle is not picked up within 7 business days from the first available date Customer can opt out of this agreement with no penalties.

17. If Customer cancels the order after a truck was assigned cancelation fee may apply.

18. If Customer paid a deposit and canceled the order after a track was assigned the deposit paid may not be refunded.

19. After the Carrier had been assigned deposit Per vehicle is due and becomes non-refundable, Refusal of Carrier or Cancellation might result in a $75 rescheduling fee that will be charged in addition to the deposit.

20. Failure to release vehicle for any reason (storage, auction, port, towing, mechanical, purchase fees, scheduling or personal issues, etc. ) after Carrier has reached the pick up location may result in cancellation fee additional to the deposit amount $200

21. Refusal or Cancellation must be submitted by the client in writing to our email. Light Auto Transport LLC does not accept or honor cancellations made via phone call.

22. Refunds will be processed within 48 business hours of the cancellation request.

23. Client’s request for payment terms change after the carrier was assigned might result in additional bank surcharge of 4%.

24. The Customer agrees that Light Auto Transport LLC hold the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason at any time.

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